learn pagemaker in hindi tutorial

learn pagemaker in hindi tutorial

- in adobe pagemaker
learn pagemaker tutorial in hindi

learn pagemaker tutorial in hindiPageMaker software is designed for graphic design. Today we will learn PageMaker 7.0,
Adobe PageMaker 7.0 is the new version, the company has made it It is also used in small to large business We also have domestic use PageMaker, College project we design and create a design that is based on , Also we learn PageMaker, since we can create new design. Designing is if we do so we can open a shop . And our good earnings may be , PageMaker us by visiting cards, wedding cards, birthday cards, etc. You can design the It is extremely easy tool for PageMaker Some tools, such as text tool, Crop tool, the tool is more Triangle Tool |Some tools, such as text tool, Crop tool, the tool is more Triangle Tool |PageMaker has been imported in the facility by which some popular software like Photoshop, Msword, can insert in the file is in pagemaker, I have written here blog drawers Video expenditure by which you can easily learn PageMaker |

PageMaker is very easy to make the bill Bookmaker
If you work in screen printing so many designs you can create in PageMaker
With PageMaker can create mater what type of Bill book
First you take a page the size of the book is to make the bill
Page Setup You can set the page size

पेजमेकर की सहायता से किस प्रकार बिलबुक का मेटर बना सकते है
सबसे पहले आप एक पेज ले जिस भी साइज का आपको बिल बुक बनाना है
पेज का साइज आप पेज सेटअप से सेट कर सकते है

Use the file menu 

On the File menu to appear when we click some option like New
When we use it to open a new page
We serve the files associated with the file menu
Save in the File menu, Close, Print, Document Setup option, etc. are
Use these options to save page, off page, print and page setup to do.

How to setup the page to page maker

Click Page Setup on the File menu, click Let Docment setup option,
The keyboard button or press Ctrl + Shift Let
After the Document Setup dialog box will appear

Page size Page Size option we choose, we have the size of your page
Clicking on the Options page appears we have already set the page like us A4 ,A3,etc.
Dimensions of value we can enter the size of your page

Margins Margins option we have set your page margins Inside Outside the Margins option and enter a value in top-bottom margins can choose according to their

How Use the edit menu

Use the Edit menu to edit a page we do , general object edit menu to cut, paste, insert, plus some special tasks such as object
Paste is also using multiple


Layout Menu

When you click on the Layout menu Go to page, short pages, insert page option appears ,
Go to page option is we can go to a page other than the page , So we have to insert a new page using Insert to Page option

Use The Type Menu

To change the menu type is text, When the Type menu, click On Font, size, leading to such options appear Font option to change the font of your text with the help of , Font installed in our computer, which will also appear on the list, click the font option
Size option  To reduce the size of text size option is to use more
Leadin option Leading the option to reduce the distance between the two lines is
Also Aligment type menu options appear in the paragraph

Use The Element Menu 

Element – The menu is a very important element menu fill,strok, frame , arrange ,group , lock, mask , etc option appear when you click on the element menu
We graphical page by Phil menu, you can open as solid You can set the page is the property of Phil menu Stroke by choice we make page is no border or line can recover his property Stroke by choice we make page is no border or line can recover his property
Group ungroup  , When we insert the object into your page has too many , The whole object is to create groups we use group menus .

Mask option Two or more objects are inserted into one another to create a new object is
The work we do by Mask menu

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